Mellissa P: ¡A special experience for my family!

cena chef
Mellissa P.
  • What was your main motive to contract the chef at home service?

My family enjoys food, and I thought it would be a nice activity to thank my parents, who accompanied us on the trip.

  • Did you share the Chef a domicilio experience with your friends or your family?

Yes, my friends and family were quite amazed that we booked such an activity.

  • What did you like the most of chef Stephanie?

She was very sweet, her English was great, and she humored my dad, who was talking too much. Hahaha! Plus, the dishes tasted great!

  • Next time you visit Barcelona, will you contact Chef a domicilio again for the chef at home experience?

Most definitely!

  • Would you recommend the service to a friend?

Of course!

  • Can you describe your experience in one sentence?

This was a special experience for my family: to have local Spanish dishes lovingly prepared & served to us in the comfort of our apartment is a memory we'll treasure forever.

Esto es lo que nos contaron los clientes, un grupo de turistas de visita a Barcelona que alojaba en un apartamiento turístico y, que decidió de vivir la experiencia de nuestra Guest Chef Stephanie M.